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Some things children really want their parents to know

What do you think is the most important thing for your children? Giving them a hug? Listening to them? Driving them to school? Attending their school meets? Yes, you guessed it right!


Most of the children we speak to always say that “It’s the small-small things that mom/ dad do which matter most to me” and are remembered along time.


Let’s take a pause and think of what do you remember about your childhood? Was it mom's scolding for a mischief…or was it when she read you bedtime stories?


Many parents think today that hustling around with the child to school, lessons, practice, sport, etc. is what their child wants. But it may not be true completely. Parents always try and fulfill all of their desires through their children and hence they end up thinking that this is what their child wants as they wanted the same when they were small. But we must remember that today’s child is not at all like yesterday’s child that you were. Time changes, situations change and so does the generation and WE need to adapt.


One thing that is pretty evident when you talk to any child is that they just want to play and not learn or compete with someone else on everything. What today’s children suffer from is the lack of touch with families and even themselves.


So we have listed 8 things here that every child of today expects their parents to do :


  • Come and sit beside me at night, laugh with me and share stories about your childhood. Help me know you better and how you think so that I can take care of you when I am capable.
  • Spend some alone time with me so that I am able to share the problems I am facing at school or elsewhere.
  • Eat with me while I eat so that I feel comfortable.
  • Let’s go out and have fun over the weekend. Not to your friend’s place but mine.
  • Talk to me about the things in the world that I don’t know or understand. You are the only people I want to trust but I end up Google-ing everything!
  • Let me play outside a lot and not always compete.
  • Watch TV with me and the shows I like and help me understand good or bad so that I become a better human being.
  • Make my day special by doing small things like a message in a lunchbox or a secret section of my favorite dish in the tiffin.


Children are incredibly smart and are very simple and straightforward. It’s about time we start taking their advice. Maybe we will be able to live life in a simple and better way and not always thinking too much. It’s the little things that matter in life and are remembered for a lifetime.


(The article has been written after talking to many children and fairly resonates all the views that were presented)

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